The Academy

The Academy of Life Coaching is the brainchild of Patricia Manshon. It is a co-operative  registered with CIPRO in 2009 and was accredited with the South African Board of People Practices in 2012.  Since 2009 to 2012, 44 graduated as accredited Life Coaches.

The course and material content has evolved over the years and has improved to become client centric, action oriented and results focused.

 The Academy of Life Coaching offers an Accredited Life Skills Coaching Course which not only gives you skills and techniques but offers a unique, integrated self development opportunity in our interactive classes.


Life Coaching can assist with

Stress / depression habits (Stress is believed to be the No 1 killer)

Relationship problems – work and home

Lack of communication skills

Unable to deal with conflict and emotions

Abusive behaviour – alcohol, drugs, physical, emotional

Issues with finance, health, personal development, career

Lack of self-confidence / motivation / goals / purpose

Under performance or low productivity

Deal with current challenges

Diversity barriers


How you’ll benefit from this course 

Increase self-awareness and self-confidence

Improve health and well-being

Enhance communication – have difficult conversations

Better deal with conflict / stress

Unlock limiting beliefs

Develop emotional intelligence

Improve productivity / performance

Create greater sense of responsibility

Take action

Be consistent

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