In 2016, I met Achmat in my first year, computer class. It was my first class and I was shouted at by my lecturer because I didn’t know how to find my Gmail. Achmat was sitting next to me, and being the generous soul he is, he took it upon himself to help me. Since that day, I never stopped going to Achmat for help 4 years later, and I’ve still never heard him say no to me. 
Last year, we had our greatest adventure together. We attended a summer school in Germany and Achmat, being the coolest cucumber I know, made travelling a breeze. He made sure we didn’t get lost at airports, he carried my heavy suitcase up and down the subways (and there were many ) and he even kept me calm when we got lost and ended up at a station, very fittingly named ‘bad end off’. Actually, that wasn’t the scariest…one night a huge bat flew through his room window in Zurich  and straight into mine. Achmat saw how scared I was that he didn’t only offer me his room for the night while he goes to the lounge, he also risked his life and had to go take everything out of myroom where the bat was.
Anyway, I followed in Achmat’s footsteps again when I started my life coaching course and he was our intern facilitator. He’s truly the most humble, kind and good hearted person you’ll ever meet and I was lucky enough to have him as a friend and a source of inspiration. 
I’m so proud of the journey we’ve walked together and I’m even more excited to see where we go. Thank you for always being YOU, Achmat.